Monday, October 10, 2016

Journal 5 Jessica Onate

Part 1- For me the most significant profiles in Holding On were the Bickham and the Zimmerman profiles. The Bickham profile is probably the one I remember the most because it was really interesting to see what prison is like from an inmate’s point of view. I’ve heard stories about people who have actually found their faith while in prison, or have actually turned their whole lives around. In this profile, Bickham was holding on to his faith, and hope that he would get out of jail one day. It was nice to see how positive he was.  I also liked the Zimmerman profile because of its theme. I think it is important to spend time in solitude once in a while and get to know yourself. I also like the nature theme. In this profile, Zimmerman is holding on to being simplistic, and not going along with the mainstream of society.

Part 2- My favorite picture in this book would be the one from Roberta Blackgoat’s profile. It is composed of Roberta in her Native American apparel. To me, this picture really outlines ethnicity and dignity. There is a stone wall behind her that looks like a mountain and some trees. The picture is gloomy in the background and light in the front. Roberta is standing proudly, and she has the look of satisfaction on her face. I think the photographer chose to include this photo because it shows part of the land that Roberta has fought so hard for. Her stance gives the impression that she is not going anywhere and she is not going to allow anyone to take her people's land.  

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