Monday, October 3, 2016

Jennifer campa interviewing ben

I interviewed Ben Perdue he is a business major. He plans to open his own business in the future and hopes that his business has an impact in the community. I had talked to him sometimes when I was in class so I tried to ask him questions that he would be able to answer. One of the very first questions that I asked him was if he thought that if he would still be interested in art in the future. One of the reasons why I choose to take this picture for his interview for his love for art. He  said that he thinks that he will continue to have a passion for art. Then I asked him who did he think was going to become the next president of the united states he said that "god has a purpose for this country and that only he knows who will be the next president". He also said that that a lot of people were really worried about which candidates was going to become the president. finally he thinks that in the future he will not pursue another degree once he is finished with this degree but he does still want to keep learning in the future.            


  1. I think the idea to take the picture of Ben observing the art was a really creative idea. I am also a business major, and I think people sometimes don't realize that students can have many interests that you would not expect just by knowing what degree they are pursuing.

  2. I agree with Ben. God is the only one that knows who the next president will be. I am a business major also. I enjoy creating art pieces whenever I find any free time!


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