Sunday, October 2, 2016

Practice Profile Writing Excercise- Jessica Onate

Even by not knowing Sam, one could tell she is a confident, smart, and good humored girl. Sam Young is 21 years old and Ohio State Marion student. She has worked at Bob Evans as a waitress, and likes to listen to heavy metal.   
Sam quoted, “A visionary has to be fearless, and strong willed.” Sam’s friend, Mary Beth, resembles a visionary. She says that Mary Beth is confident in her natural skin, and she inspires other girls to be the same. Mary Beth doesn’t need a lot of make up or the trendiest fashions to feel good about herself. When others see Mary Beth, they feel inspired to be confident in their true selves.
                Sam believes we need leaders with futuristic visionary qualities to lead us forward. She says that America and the world in general is changing in values, and we need people who accept change. She emphasized the example of education systems changing. Sam thinks that there needs to be alternative ways of teaching in which there is more focus on the individual learner, and in which the learner can discover his or her talents and identity.

                Sam was asked if she had ever had an experience that affected her vision in a dramatic way. She talked about her grandmother’s death changing her life. “She was a security blanket for me,” Sam said.  Since Sam was raised by her grandmother, she had to learn to be an adult. Her grandmother’s death changed the way Sam saw the world, and she began to have a deeper appreciation for everything her grandmother had taught her.
Word count: 266
Picture of Sam in good lighting, pondering about her vision for the future  


  1. Jessica

    You did a excellent job on this profile. You told her story from her point of view. I can see how her grandmother was a inspiration to her. That is what my grandmother taught me.

  2. I liked Sam's response “A visionary has to be fearless, and strong willed.” I think it is very true. A visionary has to be a role model.

  3. I really enjoyed reading this profile. I agree that the school system should focus on the needs of the individual, in order to reach one's full potential.


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