Thursday, October 6, 2016

journal 5 -Carli

The two profiles that i never want to forget from this book are the Donald Bean one and the Hallie Stillwell profile. I liked the Donald Bean profile because I could relate to it in that we both have a passion for something and we like to go out and be with it.  The thing he is holding onto is his dinosaur island that he created and no one comes to. Hallie Stillwell I liked because i just thought she was a very happy and nice women and even after losing her husband she still carried on with her life and started helping other couples be happy. I really just like how she was able to recover from the loss and how strong she was.

The photo i liked the best was the Joe Franklin profile and I liked it because it showed how he loved his job and how much time he has spent in what it looks like his office.  The picture had all the film from hi talk show  and I think that the point was to show his success in his place of work. The picture helps tell the story because it shows how happy he was in his job and how much success  he had , had in it.

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