Thursday, October 6, 2016

Journal 5: Kristen

Part 1:
The two profiles in this book that I don't want to forget is "Steam Train" Maury Graham (Hobo) and Dan Field (Marriage Broker). I really loved the story that Maury Graham shared because I thought his story really had meaning. In today's society, I think people are so quick to judge. When we see homeless people sitting along the side of the street we automatically think that their a bum and it's their own fault their living in the streets. I just thought it was really interesting that the hobos actually want to work for food and how they have camps. I also loved that they warn each other if a certain spot is good or not. I like how their a little community, without always being together. They also have a lot of trust when it comes to people wanting to take them in for the night and I'm not sure if that is something I would be able to do.

The second story I really don't want to forget about is Dan Field. I think its absolutely fascinating how he is the perfect matchmaker. I think it's comical in a way because my parents are always playing matchmaker with me and I can definitely see them going behind my back to hook me up with "prince charming". I thought it was really interesting that he took common interests and that's how he really determined if someone would be good together or not. I always thought about the fact that today there is so many websites that try to match people together. I believe Dan Field was the one who made people start websites like that because it's very popular in today's society.

Part 2:
My favorite picture in this book was the picture of Charlie DeLeo looking up at the Statue of Liberty. I really like this picture because I think it captures the emotion that Charlie DeLeo had toward the Statue. He has always been interested in the statue and wanted to actually climb the arm of Lady Liberty. I thought Harvey Wang just nailed it. I also love the angle and lighting of the picture. I love how Charlie was looking up toward the statue, it reminded me of all his dreams and how they came true. It goes along perfect with the story as well.

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