Sunday, October 9, 2016

Journal 5: Katie Shower

Part One:
     I think the two profiles in Holding On I want to remember most are "Steam Train" Maury Graham and Geneva Tisdale. I picked "Steam Train" Maury Graham because it was at the beginning of the book, but I still remember every single thing about him. His life is very interesting. How he stated the difference between hoboes and bums, because I never thought there was a difference between the two. I think he's been through a lot in his life and just that is inspirational for the reader so it catches our attention. The other profile I want to remember is Geneva Tisdale because she was a server and so am I so that was relatable in a sense. She also talks about going through a time of hardship which is also relatable to me because I just moved out on my own and I'm getting used to paying bills and stuff (which is much harder than I thought!) She touches on being a black woman in her time and that still is a problem now I think with the Kaepernick inequality issue. A good read.
Part Two:
     I think my favorite picture in the book is Dixie Evans, The Exotic World Museum and stripper (retired). I thought the funny thing about this profile is that they put (retired) beside her name on the page with the photo. With that being said about her being retired they staged her to do an exotic picture even though she's retired. She doesn't look ashamed to do it. In fact, she looks quite comfortable. I like this picture for that reason. She's a free spirit, she does what she wants even if it is frowned upon. I'm sure in her day strippers weren't praised for their actions but she did it anyways and she did it proudly. I also noticed the background of the photo being kind of scenery. It looks mountainous, the photographer must've just been trying to represent where Dixie is from which is Helendale, California. I think this is a great photo overall.

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