Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Journal 5 Shelby Weber

The two profiles I do not want to forget are, Roberta Blackgoat and Sylvia Riveria. Both of these profiles were full of pride, stubbornness, and confidence. I really enjoyed how both of these characters stood up for what they believed in and did not care who they were upsetting. I believe Roberta and Sylvia were holding onto their pride. They were not going to let anyone come in and take what was theirs. I feel like I connected with these two people because no one wanted me to get married at a young age. I knew what I wanted and I did not listen to anyone that told me I was wrong for getting married at age 20. Now I am happily married and could not ask for a better life.

My favorite photo in this book is the photo of Bill Seward, the owner of Jersey Lilly Bar and Cafe. Bill looks to full of delight and so welcoming. I can definitely see Bill welcoming you into the Cafe and making you some of his famous beans. I love the sign on the door that says "Restrooms are out back, down the boardwalk". This photo is fairly dark, but there is a great light on Bill's face that just makes him stand out as the focus of the photo.

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