Sunday, October 9, 2016

Journal Five- Alexis Hensel

Part One: Out of all of the profiles in Holding On, it is difficult to decide only two profiles that I wouldn't want to forget. However, two profiles did particularly stand out to me. First, Moreese Bickham's profile portrayed the theme to never give up and to never lose hope, which I believe is very important. Its not often that I learn about someone that has lived a large portion of their life behind bars. His story of being in prison for over thirty years, avoiding the death penalty is very eye-opening. When reading his profile I was able to relate to it as odd as that may seem. My cousin is currently in prison, serving his punishment with complete dignity. Also, he has recently found God, just as Moreese had. I do not want to forget this profile because I think everyone can learn something from Moreese's story.

Another profile that I do not want to forget is Sylvia Ray Rivera. This profile stood out to me because of its controversial story. This was the only profile that included a story that stirs up many different opinions. Being transgender is an experience that only a few people understand. However, this profile gave me a closer look at the struggles some may face. For example, being called names, and undergoing the raids at the bar were just a few of the things that Sylvia experienced. Oppression is a unique experience for each person, but Sylvia's story is admirable. She never gave up, even though people were cruel. I however know someone that is transgender, so reading this profile and learning about someone else's experience was very interesting. I do not want to forget Sylvia's story because people of all generations should take time to listen to someone that has struggled in ways that is unimaginable.

Part Two: My favorite photo in Holding On is Miles Mahan's. I love that Miles is laughing in this photo because in his profile he really showed his humorous attitude, which is captured perfectly by Harvey Wang. Also, the background of this photo is very important. Wang chose to show some of Mahan's Museum, giving the reader a chance to have some insight on what this destination actually looks like. Something that may go unnoticed in this photo is that if you look closely, Mahan's Museum is the only place in sight. This photo is able to tell Miles story by showing that with even the simplest of things, happiness can be found. Finally, the fact that Miles is not centered in the photograph, but is slightly to the right shows that Hula Ville would not be possible without all of his treasures, but also Miles.

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