Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Journal 5 by Katie Wagoner

Part 1: 
The two profiles I will not forget is the profiles of Lydia Emery and Jim Bishop. They both are characters that care about the happiness and well-being of others. Emery is selfless, doesn't charge her patients, and is there to help those in need. Bishop made a castle to bring happiness and enjoyment to others. It is inspiring that they were welling to bring so much work/stress on their life to make the lives of others better.

Part 2:
My favorite photo is of Mike Gashwazra. The black and white photo gives a sense of timelessness. The way that Gashwazra's head is turned to the side gives the sense that he is slightly reserved. As we learned in the profile, Gashwazra is somewhat reserved about what he is sharing with the 'white man' interviewers. His profile picture also gives a sense of seriousness to his story because his face is plain and non-smiling.

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