Monday, October 3, 2016

Proflie writing practice by Ben

Jennifer Campa, a sophomore at OSU, is studying Japanese and Korean
with a minor in International Business
When asked about the future she hopes that she will be able to get a decent job in the area of her major, something dealing with interpretation or working with a company that deals with international business. She also feels that if she can not get a career in something that goes along with her major that it would be a waste of schooling or that she would have gone to school for nothing. She also believes in the cause appreciated by every college student struggling to pay for college, that going to college for free would be definitely appreciated by anyone with debt.

When asked what makes a person a visionary, she said that it is, “Just the way people think and they want the future to be like set a certain way and they know what they want but there isn't a certain way because everyone sees the future differently.” She also feels like older people are more likely to be visionaries because younger people like us may not have thought about what we want for the future or don’t have the experience to really know what we think things should be like.


  1. That is the right mindset to have. If someone cannot get a career in their field that they studied in college then there was no point in getting the degree and wasting the four years and thousands of dollars at a university. I do agree with her in saying that older people are more likely to be visionaries but I disagree when she says that older people are more likely to be visionaries because they are more wisdom on how the world works. They know what ideas have worked and what has not in the past. That is why I think older people are more skeptical about trying to create a vision for the future because they are afraid to try and fail. I think younger people have the new and fresh ideas to create the positive vision for the future.

  2. I think it's really interesting that she wants to work in international business. I found when I took an international business course that the world is so huge and there are soo many different ways of doing business in different countries.


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