Saturday, October 1, 2016

Profile Practice by Katie Wagoner

On September 28, 2016, I met Betsy Lyons, an Ohio State University-Marion student. Betsy is a sophomore this year at OSUM. Betsy originally lived in Michigan; about two years ago she moved to Ohio and started attending college at OSUM. When I met with Betsy it was during English 2367, a class we both attend together at OSUM. During our meeting I asked Betsy a few questions regarding the topic of visionaries, here is what was discussed.

Started college off by wanting to get a degree in a math related field, Betsy decided to get a degree in business accounting. As the past few years went by Betsy started feeling like maybe business wasn’t for her. Betsy wants to do more with her life, wants to be different, and leave her "mark" on the world. "I feel like everyone does business and gets a business degree. I want to do something different." Betsy shared her vision for her career, "I'm thinking of trying for a social work degree. I may even check out Peace Core [traveling to our countries and helping people]." 

"I woke up one day with the vision that business isn't it and that I could do more." Thus Betsy is working on finding the career for her. Betsy has already started taking some social work classes to "test the waters" and see if a social work degree is what she is looking for. 

"I want to make a mark on the world like my mom. I don't want to be forgotten about."
Betsy on her way to success.
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  1. The photo and caption go very well together, that was a really good idea. There are so many people who change their major to something that is more suited to them, and I think people like that are very brave.


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