Monday, October 10, 2016

Chelsey Journal 5

The two journals that I don't want to forget from holding on are my favortie two from the beggining of the book, Mooreese Bickham and "Steam Train" Maury Graham.
I loved reading these two profiles. I don't want to forget the Mooreese Bickham profile because when I get  into my career as a lawyer I don't want to forget his story. It reminds me of how many people in the U.S are wrongfully imprionsed, and how in the future I want to help create a better system for people to follow, so innocent people do not continue to get wrongfully imprionsed. From up close experience and stories like Mooreese Bickham's are my motivation to make the judical system better and more effective.
For my second profile I don't want to forget  I chose "Steam Train" Maury Graham. I chose this because I loved the history it had behind a HoBo and a bum. I learned things I didn't know before. And this profile really influenced my outlook on homeless people. Because in our society there really is a difference between a bum and a hobo. I didn't know the difference before readind this  profile, but now that I do, when I see a homeless person looking for work, I want tto help them, and when I see a person just begging for money, I don't feel as bad. When I was yougner anytime I saw someone asking for help I would ask my mom for a dollar or two to give  them, and soometimes she would say  "no, not them", and I obviously didn'''t understand why. But now I really understand the difference. I will never forget this profile. I also loved the community that hobos created to help eachother.

Part Two: The photo I chose is also from my favorite profile, which is Mooreese Bickham. Th picture is a shot of Bickham sitting on a very thin uncomfortable looking bed. He is in the room alone with no other inmates, in the photo you can see the bars on the windows. The shadows from the light coming thorugh the window makes the feeling of the photo sad and depressing to me. Also with a sense of lonelieness. The numbers on the corners of the beds also gives the photo a very saddening feeling because it makes it seem as these people that have made mistakes or Mooreese  Bickham who has been wrongfully imprionsed protrayed as just a number. The way the photographer took this photo of Bickham gives it a very sad tone. The surroundings in the picture are depressing and Bickham just looks like a sad older man who is missing his life. I love this photo because it very much so helps tell  the story. Once you look at the photo then read his story it gives you an even better image of how his life in prison has been. It's sad and it gave me a bigger view that something needs to be done to fix and prevent innocent people from being wrongfully imprisoned as well as getting people are still in prison for wrongfully imprisoned out and compensated in some way. Even though money doesnt give them back their life.

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