Monday, October 10, 2016

Journal 5 by Ben

My two favorite profiles were Harold C. Cotton the hat blocker and Donald Bean the proprietor of the Dinosaur Gardens. I liked the Harold Cotton profile because he was an honest man doing an honest trade that really is not common these days. I do not know of anyone else who knows how to work with hats, or even would show the same kind of kindness that he did when his shop was desegregated and allowed anyone to get their shoes shined. It is a special kind of courtesy and kindness shown towards other people that are prejudiced against that really is still not common today. While I may never know for sure I feel that I would do something similar if I were in his shoes, not that I am some kind of super nice person or anything but despite my racist family I have never called out racist slurs at anyone or hated someone just for the way that they look. My other favorite profile was Donald Bean the man who made his own dinosaur theme park, putting his money and effort into building dinosaur sculptures and doing what he had passion for. He held onto his dinosaur park even through financial hardship and his wife having to go back to work out of retirement. I feel like pursuing my passions in life is something that should be my goal after actually figure out what my passions in life might be.

My favorite picture in the book was Donald Bean's profile picture because of how it really shows him alongside one of his dinosaur sculptures and shows how much he cares about them. It really shows how he made his sculptures and placed them in natural environments so that you really can imagine them how they were a long long time ago when dinosaurs were alive. It also shows the scale of his sculptures with it being multiple feet taller than he was. I also like how they subtly placed the sign in the back of the picture that says what kind of dinosaur it is without having to put it in the caption. It really helps show how much passion he has for them.  

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