Sunday, October 2, 2016

Profile Practice -Carli

Chelsey Brown is 19 years old and lives in Delaware Ohio. She graduated form Delaware Hayes High school in 2016 and is now attending The Ohio State University in Marion. There she is studying to become a Lawry in the future.

There are many things that can make a person a visionary. Some people define it differently then others. While talking to Chelsey I asked her what she thought a visionary was. She answered with "someone that doesn't follow the norms of society". Someone who can go out of the normal ways of everyone and make their own ways of life. "There has never been anyone that I have been friends with that were a visionary but I have know people that were visionaries and the way they express themselves was very interesting to me."

When talking about what her goals were for her career and job she was very inspired and passionate about the topic. "I want to open my own law firm and be an advocate for young African American girls. I want them to realized that you do need an education to be successful in life. I also want them to see that it is possible even if you have no support or money from family to help you along the way. They need to know that even if life is rough you can make your life better if you truly fight for what you want."

Chelsey had talked about who has affected her view of the world and the person that has helped her with that the most was her mother. " I know my mom has had the biggest impact on me and how I view the world' . I saw her struggle to get back on her feet and have a good paying job to make a good place for her and us kids to live". Her mom helped her see that if you work hard at something you can accomplish a lot.

When we talked about issues in the world today she seemed very interested in the LGBT Community and  police brutality issues. She thinks that they should be addressed and looked into more. She didn't go into much detail about her feeling on the subjects when asked. Many people are visionaries in some way and Chelsey is one too.

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