Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Journal 5 from Jennifer campa

Two of the profiles in the book that I do not want to forget are Augustina Martinez the healer and Tommie Bass the folk doctor.The reason why I choose Martinez because I know a lot of people probably found it being very odd but for me since I'm Mexican American it is actually a very common thing to hear about people going to go and see a healer even now a days. Some people go and see a healer before they go see a doctor.Another thing that I found facilitating was how many babies she deliver. The second person that I choose was Bass the reason why I choose him was because of how much he wanted to help people with out expecting a lot of money out of people. He did it because it came from the heart and he was will to help people.

My favorite photo in the book was the one that was used for Marie Coombs Newspaper editor. The reason that this was my favorite photo is because it showed all of the really old machine that she probably used to use when she was making her newspaper. This picture helps tell the story because it shows the machine and the news paper and every thing that she uses to do her job.  

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