Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Journal 5: Taylor Bahan

Part 1: Two profiles that I want to remember are Tommy Bass the folk doctor and Lawrence "Happy" Davis the Pullman Porter. I chose the folk doctor profile because I enjoyed how Bass never made himself out to be anything more than he was. He liked to help people with his knowledge of different plants and roots and never expected anything in return. He was a simple, kind man and I like the way he presented himself to others. "Happy" Davis also intrigued me because he always made the best out of his situation. He was mistreated often being an african american during this era but stuck with this job to provide for his family and in term created his legacy with the company. I had a connection with Mr. Davis because I also work in the hospitality business and know first hard, people sometimes stomp all over you. Like Happy, I know I need the job to pay for my schooling but sometimes I would rathe be like Tommy and tell people like it is.
Part 2: My favorite picture in the book is of the serpent handlers, Dewy Chafin and Barbara Elkins. This photo strikes me not only because of their story behind it but because of the way it is arranged. They are standing in front of their church and Dewey is holding some of the snakes they use in their ceremonies. What you may not notice until after reading the profile is that Dewey has a deformed hand from being bit so many times and just so happens to be hiding one of his hands behind the snake box. This made me laugh because anyone that saw his hand from the bites might rethink trying their way of worship. Barbara looks very cold in this picture which makes it less inviting but it doesn't take away from Dewey's huge smile on his face.

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