Thursday, October 6, 2016

Journal 5- Kenzie

Part One:
The two profiles that I want to not forgot the most are the Reverend Blackmon profile and the Sylvia (Ray) Rivera and Deputy Inspector Seymour Pine profile.

My absolute favorite profile from the book is the Sylvia profile. I loved that it was the only profile in the book that included people with a negative history together. I thought that Sylvia's story was powerful and inspiring and I enjoyed the tone of her profile. She seemed so "matter-of-fact", rather than angry or sad. She overcame many struggles and during the time she began her drag queen life the gay community was not accepted. I enjoyed learning about her story and the hard times she had to go through. I like how Seymour just explained that he was just doing his job, and Sylvia understood that and didn't seem to hold it against him. I thought Seymour's background was fascinating with his time in the army, then the NYC police department, and then it included that when the book was published Seymour currently lived in Israel and is a police officer in Jerusalem. I found the entire profile intriguing.

I enjoyed the profile of Reverend William Blackmon because he lives a very unique life. I like how he described his journey of "hitchhiking ministry". He did a little bit of everything. His artistic signs were very unique and his style was pretty original. The picture of the area that he lives in is so cluttered and chaotic, which is fitting for him. He is definitely a unique character (very eccentric) and that is why I found him so fascinating.

Part Two:
I really liked many of the pictures included in this book. My favorite is the one of Marie Coombs. I like this photo because it is almost overwhelming. It looks like there are these huge, antique pieces of equipment in a pretty small space. It shows how she is pretty old-fashioned when it comes to making the newspapers. I also feel like she looks so small in comparison to all of the equipment. One interesting thing I found about this photo is the lighting in the room. I only see two light bulbs (one hanging from the ceiling) and one on an old lamp. It makes me wonder if that is all the lighting in the entire room.

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