Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Journal 5 Tiffney

Part One:

     The first profile that was memorable Joe Merril and Hilda Wilkinson the spirtualists. I am a firm believer in spirtualists people known in today's world as Mediums. They were known for communicating with people who had pass on to the otherside. If someone wanted to communicate with a dead loved one they would come to medium and they would have a seance. This would bring a great deal of comfort to the family member. What got me fascinated in this story, is that some weird things started happen in the house after my great grandpa died in my room from cancer in 1998. He died four days before Christmas. Ever since then stuff would diappeare and reappear in the same spot and things would go flying across the room. So I started watching Long Island Medium and that answered alot of my questions and that show made me reliaze that our loves are still with but in a different way.

     The second profile that was memorable was Mackey E. Brown the Door to Door Salesman. This profile reminded me of being in Girl Scouts and going door to door trying to sell Girl Scout Cookies and also sold candy and magazines for the Fall Fundraiser every year. Part of  door to door sells is having people tell you no that they were not interested. That didn't stop me from selling the cookies. Some times when the order came in and delieverd them to the customer, they would back out of the sell. That would make us mad and we would get stuck with selling off at a booth sell.  I believed that Mackey would put his heart and soul into every sell. I liked what he said that he never had a customer that he did him wrong or even back out of the sell. The lesson to be learn from this profile is that you never give up on hope and keep following your dream.

Part Two:

     My favorite photo in Holding On is Virgina Belle Brewer. I like how the photo displays her collection of bells. From what you see from the photo is that she collects bells of different sizes and places. Just looking at each bell told a different story. You can tell she put her heart and soul into this collection. I like how the lighting in photo brings out the different bells and even Virgina too. Know how they say "a picture is worth a thousand words", well this picture I say is worth more that. A picture can tell a story all on its own and even give a glimps into what they story is about. Also, you can tell by the photo that it took her a while to get that all those bells. I believe that the aurthor put this photo in this profile because he wanted to set the background for the profile. Now days people always look for the photo first, that way they can deicide if the story is of intrest.

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